Towing in Inclement Weather

Towing in the rain is a dangerous and daunting task. It is an often requested service due to the increase in accidents during this time. One thing as tow truck drivers we must ensure is having adequate tread on our tires. Doing so allows for sufficient traction when towing and winching heavy vehicles. We are at a disadvantage when it comes to towing in inclement weather to begin with so make sure you atleast level the playing field with the right tires.

Tow truck tires should be changed every 50,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first. Keep in mind that it can be a costly expense, so budgeting is necessary. Goodyear or Michelin are a good brand to consider when purchasing your tires. I would even recommend bartering with a company for referrals of towing clients to their shop for a discount on tire purchases. Either way, make certain that you stay ahead of the game by foreseeing this expense.

If you are living in the NorthEast, I would recommend some tire chains for those days that snow is getting out of control. We used to live in Maryland and in the winters, tow trucks were everywhere providing roadside assistance for vehicles that have went off the road due to slick roads. Don’t become a casualty to snow by not investing in your snow chains. Purchasing snow chains will make you a hot commodity in this part of the country and you may even be asked to assist other towing companies.

If you are fortunate enough to live in beautiful San Diego, most of your towing will be comprised of parking violations and DUI’S. Apartment complexes are huge there and due to the limited parking, towing is a gold mind. So many out of towners come for vacation and are not aware of the rules. I see so many cars impounded due to the inadequate education on parking laws. Here is a short video of a towing company in action.

Fresh Tow Trucks

Towing downtown is a lucrative business, it is very important that we practice customer relation by having our trucks fresh and clean on a daily basis. I personally like to get my carpets steamed clean once a week and use the new car smell so that when I pick up customers they feel at home. I think that by presentation is key in our industry and that we set the tone for our company. So many times, towing companies get a bad wrap for being unprofessional. Granted we are in a business where most of the time the situation is not the happiest of times for the consumer. We as tow truck drivers must do our part to break that cycle and to set the example within the community.

Our dispatchers should be polite and professional when answering the phones. They are the face so to speak of our company and are responsible for building the rapport with the callers and ensuring that communication is open and clear. If you cannot provide the service for the customer, at least point them in the direction to get assistance. Remember that these individuals are in a time of need and often need immediate help.

Remember that we are professionals and perception is everything. We should aim to provide top notch service and meet our customer’s expectations. No matter where you may be located, always be a resource for those in need and provide steadfast dedication to the community. Towing is more than just impounding cars. We get people home safe to their families. If you don’t have a detailer for your vehicles, there are many to choose from that can get your trucks looking mean and clean. Don’t let your customers be riding dirty. lol. Step your game up with a fresh ride!

Towing in Rush Hour

Towing during rush hour traffic is stressful and can be very tedious. Not only do you have to fight through the hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get to where they are  going, but also the chances of accidents are increased. Today was an unusual one for sure, I received a call from a customer who had a flat tire and instead of pulling to the side of the road, she decided to stop dead in her tracks. This was dangerous for both the tow truck driver as well as the customer. As I arrived to the scene, I noticed the woman sitting in her car talking on her cell phone. Her hazards were not visible due to the inclimate weather making it even more dangerous. I quickly stopped oncoming traffic and diverted it as much as possible by flashing my lights and waving the oncoming vehicles to the other lane. Once the road was some what clear, I walked over to the ladies car and put it in neutral and tried to push it to the median but had no luck. I asked her to start the vehicle and drive  it to the middle of the lane and out of harm’s way. She was hesitant in doing so in fear of damaging her rims. I assured her that there was nothing to worry about and that in the worst case, insurance could cover the damage.

I looked in her trunk for the spare tire and it seemed to be missing. I decided that the best option was to tow the car back to the shop and get the tire and rim replaced. We loaded the car on the flatbed tow truck and attached the cables. As we began to winch the car up on the truck, the cable snapped and flew into the bumper of her new BMW. She was irate! I tried to attach the second cable and she refused to have the car towed. She ordered me to put the car back on the road and she would call her husband to bring a spare tire. I tried to explain that it was more difficult than just replacing the tire. BMW’s have sensors that require some technical assistance in resetting the programs within the dashboard. I did as she requested and lowered the car back on to the highway. I was nice enough to let her borrow the cellphone to call the local BMW shop and have the tire brought to her location. Since the weather was pretty bad, she complained about her carpets getting muddy in her vehicle. I informed her that cleaning her carpets now would be pointless since the weather was supposed to be pretty crappy for the next week. She agreed and we waited for the dealership technician to arrive.

Once the weather slowed down, the technician came out and fixed the tire and rim. He went as far as offering a free car wash with an interior cleaning. I told the lady that this is a great opportunity to get those carpets steam cleaned.